i was told that the car had one owner when in fact it had two. they said i would not be upside down whe i trade my car in and i am because it was in an accident which i found out when i went to trade my car in. I had a problem when it rained i would hear water in the trunk area and i called the dealership back and talk to the salesman and he nerver returned my call.

I am upset down because they are not giving me the right trade in amount because everything is deducted.

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #788736

Every big dealership does this. It isn't new.

I went to a big dealership because of what I heard from someone else. Never went back, but these sellers are desperate.

There's plenty of other dealerships out there, just because you see something great in a commercial, or what a salesmen says... It's just pure bull *** to get you inside.

New Britain, Connecticut, United States #742482

Lied to by a CAR SALESMAN? Nooooooo, oh the humanity..........

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