I was expecting to walk out of Gwinnett Place Nissan feeling happy about my new purchase, but Instead I feel sad, disappointed, lied to and taken advantage of. The sales reps had a way of making a very intelligent woman feel *** and low.

I have never written a review, but after having this experience, I feel it's necessary to write. This is my seventh car that I have purchased, but this was by far the WORST experience Ever! I absolutely love my car and that's the only reason I purchased at this dealership. My suggestion is to stay firm and aggressive.

If you're a woman, do your research and have the true value of the car with you. If you do research, they may treat you like a dog instead of its ***.

But after this experience they may do damage control and write their own reviews. Or hopefully Just simply change their ways. .

. You can pull more flies with honey. Suggestion for the inhumane sales reps there: TREAT PEOPLE WITH CARE! It's ok to get your cut, but it's not ok to come after a woman in the parking lot trying to prove a point with a recording of her conversation with a sales rep.

. . It was foul!

... And the inconsiderate ***'s point still wasn't made because I never agreed to the terms of the deal over the phone.

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